Monday, February 19, 2007

NAAP Pharmaceuticals help promote Mirrorbox Therapy in the UK - WebWire reports

Mirror Box Therapy in the UK has received a major boost from NAPP Pharmaceuticals. The company usually involved in pain medications "have purchased 2,500 Mirror Therapy Boxes for complimentary distribution to pain clinics throughout the UK."

I have had great benefits from mirror therapy. Although I don't use a box, what I do is based on the same principles and it works.

I applaud NAPP Pharmaceuticals for their generiosity and forsight in promoting a therapy which really works.

I encourage pharmaceutical companies in other parts of the world to examine the research and see that this therapy fits in well with their mission to ease pain.

In Australia provides thes boxes and trains practitioners in their use.
Every pain clinic in Australia would well benefit from these inexpensive wonder boxes.

To read the WebWire article, click on the link to the left of this blog under "crps/rsd related links".

A link to the NOIgroup is also in the link list to the left of this blog.

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