Friday, February 09, 2007

Recovery was quicker after reaction to dental treatment.

I recovered remarkably quickly after a nerve firing reaction from a dental check up and clean.

This is the only time ever that nerve firing has stopped within a few days. Usually it's weeks and then only peaters out slowly.

The nerve firing this time was not extreme and excrutiation as in the past. It was spasmodic and not as intense but nonetheless painful and unsettling. I was quite anxious that things would get much worse.

What I did differently from any other times was have more vitamin C in my diet and also took a vitaminC suplement broken up into divided doses throughout the day. I'm continuing with that for another week or so. It's purely speculation on my part but I suspect the extra vitamin C may have made the difference. As of today I have no nerve firing in my head. It's such a relief.


Angel said...

I suffer from RSD (Reflex Sympthetic Dystrophy). Question: Is your comment posted to this site a recommendation to use Vitamin C, or teeth cleaning, as a way to recover from the pain/symptoms from RSD?

jeisea said...

Hi Angel.
I do not recommend others do what I do because you are best seeking professional advice.

I took vitamin C this time the next day after the dental appointment. There is reasearch which suggests that crps can be prevented in some cersumstances by taking vitamin C.
The nerve firing I had settled down fairly quickly. I suspect that vitamin C might have caused or helped the settling of symptoms. I am trying to work things out for myself an this is my personal opinion only.

The procedure I had was just a check up and the dentist cleaned my teeth. Sorry I didn't make that clear. This was enough to cause nerve firing for me. I've had problems after minor dental fillings before but thought I wouldn't this time as no drilling was done.

If you "google" "dental crps" you should come up with information. RSDSA has information which I showed my dentist. He followed the suggestions and I've had two dental visits and fillings with no problems. This time we followed no procedure.

I hope I've explained better this time.

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