Monday, March 26, 2007

Can you know another's pain?

Recently a philosopher wrote on the How to Cope with Pain web site "How do you know anything about another's mind?" Specificaly he was asking how we can know another's pain.
This is relevant to chronic pain sufferers as we have to soldier on and not put our pain, "in you face", as it were. For our own survival and the benefit of others we focus away from our pain, altering our perception of it and presenting a coping, "it's ok" face to others.
I suspect that not only do we not know another's pain, we sometimes do not "know" our own pain.

There are two articles in the series. I found them really interesting and, because they made me think, a great distraction. If interested go to the link under crps/rsd related articles to the left of this blog and click on the "How to Cope with Pain " link.

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