Thursday, March 08, 2007

Comment from "How tto Cope with Pain about the Recognize program.

How to Cope with Pain said...

I think the recommended 3-part sequence of activities goes 1) L/R pictures, then 2) imagining your foot/hand in the same position as the picture, then the last step is 3) putting your foot/hand in the same position. My understanding is that the "treatment" doesn't work, and could even make things worse, if you don't do it in the proper sequence. The program is discussed at

My understanding is that it's a slow re-programming of the brain thru doing the sequence as listed. It shouldn't be a focus on your "score," but doing the exercises enough that your scores improves as your brain "heals."

My understanding is also that you should stick with 1st stage until your brain "re-trains," (which will be demonstrated by your score improving.)

Thank you so much for posting. I've taken note of what you've said.
Please go to "crps/rsd related articled" to the left of this blog and click on the link to How to Cope with Pain.

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