Monday, March 05, 2007

Following a proven treatment regime works again.

I am relieved to say that again I've managed to control the major flare up which this time resulted in only one week of extreme nerve firing. Usually it peaters out after three weeks.

I write about following a plan and referring to my list but I'm always amazed and relieved when it works. My brain keeps telling me this is beyond me and I have a fear the pain will never stop but again the nerve firing has finally stopped. My face and left side are still hypersensitive but much better.

The main things that helped were things that brought about calm
  • immersing in water (pressure of water activates the parasympathetic nervous system)
  • controlled breathing, out twice as long as in (activates parasympathetic nervous system)
mirror therapy (shows the brain that the painful part is ok/very calming)

Other most helpful things were chilli cream and pressure (both work on the gate theory and capsaicin in chilli cream deals with substance p).

It's really empowering to feel you have some control over what can seem an out of control pain syndrome.

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