Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Keeping it simple and enjoyable.

Well I've decided that if I'm going to eat smart it's going to have to be simple and do able and also enjoyable. I won't stick at something if I don't enjoy it.

We've all heard of the health benefits of tea. Flavonoids are a special group of antioxidant phytochemicals found in black and green tea and adding milk doesn't alter the benefit.

It is worth being aware that drinking tea with a meal interfers with the iron intake from foods of plant origin so it is probably better to drink tea between meals.

I've decided that some traditions are worth upholding. For me the tradition of taking tea and enjoying the experience of tea is worth cultivating. So to do this I've searched for a two cup tea pot that pours without dribbling. I have a favourite cup (or two) and a small jug for milk.

I make tea and find a comfortable place to pour and sip and enjoy. I love company and a cuppa is great shared.

I'm lucky that our local tea is lower in caffeine so I can enjoy without problems. I actually think the enjoyable experience of tea for me out weighs the negative impact on pain of the caffeine.


Rainbow422@aol.com said...

There is the thought of decaffinated, which is what I have to do. If I drink more than the 2 cups, pain goes up and the skin starts crawling.

Gentle Hugs,

Rain :)

HtCwP said...

I brew a whole pot in the am and drink a cup or so every hour. Keeps me hydrated, less hungry, and I feel like I'm drinking antioxidants all day!

jeisea said...

Thanks both for your suggestion. I don't drink decaf so much these days. Lucky I have the option of a lower caffeine tea.

MAking a whole pot and all day sipping sounds like a very wise plan. Might I suggest a snack pack of fruit and nuts. Actually research suggests that almonds can actually help you lose weight. I think the whole foods web site has info on that. It has something to do with protein and something about the skin. I don't wish to get into the wight issue here but I know that I fit better into my clothes just lately and I've had a few compliments. I'm eating much more nuts, seeds and fruit than before.

Would you like me to find the information and put a link?
My main focus if on healthy eating by consuming higher nutrient foods. Seems like there may be an added benefit but I make no claims.

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