Thursday, March 29, 2007

A little regular exercise is best for me.

My physiotherapist also understands that crps needs a whole body balanced therapy approach. I've learned that a little often allows my body to become comfortable with movement. I'll give you an example.

For at least 2 years I've had reduced movement in my left shoulder. It was suggested I lay flat on the ground with my arms at my side. I raised my right arm up and over my head to the ground whilst breathing in, and then lowered the arm breathing out more slowly than in. I did this on alternate sides with the left arm going as far as comfortable. I did this 15 times once a day. After 3 weeks I could move my arm as freely on the left side as the right. I need to keep doing this as my left side takes the strain of my inability to use my right hand properly (due to stiffness post fracture). If I forget, get complacent for a week my problems return. Physical therapy requires continued practice.

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