Thursday, March 01, 2007

The pain and symptoms of CRPS change throughout the day but sticking to a plan helps.

Yesterday morning I was confident that the nerve firings were less frequent and less intense but that changed as the day wore on until I was convinced I was losing the battle. Although my rational brain reminded me that the two previous mornings things were getting better, the agonizing nerve firing was overwhelming and again I struggled to think what to do.

I added these to my previous list.
  • I applied pressure with my hand to the apparent site of the firing.
  • I sipped warm camomile tea.
  • I massaged my face with moisturiser.
  • I covered my skin to protect it from the breeze of the fan.
  • I used an antiseptic mouth wash in case there was and problem there.
Again before bed I rubbed my home made chilli cream on my face and neck. I lay as still as I could and used controlled breathing. Finalli I slept and am better today.

Today I'm avoiding loud noise and vibrations and sudden movements. It's 11.30am here and so far things are not getting worse again. Although I am still struggling with this I know that I'm actually managing things this time. In the past the acute phase went on for weeks.

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