Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"Recognize" - a program to retrain the brain.

The NOI Group has created a novel computer program to tell whether you can identify a pictured limb as left or right. The program starts with simple pictures on a manilla background and allows you to gradually progress to more difficult tasks.

I started the program last week. You may remember that I have already been doing my own version of mirror therapy with some amazing results (amazed me). It's recommended that this program precede the beginning of mirror therapy. Until now I hadn't realized that it is used to correct a right/ left confusion. I did not realize that my (rather obvious) right/left confusion could be related to chronic pain or crps.

Well I did the first most basic test (coloured photos of single foot on manila background), and am almost ashamed to admit that try as I might, I cannot get 100%. When I first did the test I had very significant left sided pain. My results were 60% left and 80% right. I thought "practice makes perfect". Well, no!

I thought slower would give a better result (so I slowed the time between pictures from 5 to 25 seconds). I got a worse score. However when the left sided pain settled, the results for the left side went up to 85%.

Today I have a nasty headache on the left side which is flaring up again, slept very poorly last night and feel generally below par. Today I scored 30% left and 40% right.

I thought about it and slowed the test down to a minute. Then I placed each foot in the same position as the pictures. This time I got a good result. I'll next practice making my feet do the positions till I get faster and try the test again. As you can imagine, each time you do the test the pictures are different.

I'm thinking that by doing this with hands and feet I'm retaining the brain. I know this works when I lose proprioception. I practice while watching myself move until I can look away and make the movements. If it works that way to correct proprioception, I think it should work to fix my lefts and rights.

To hear David Butler's podcast about the program "Recognize" go to"crps/rsd related articles" to the left of this blog and click on the link.


How to Cope with Pain said...

I think the recommended 3-part sequence of activities goes 1) L/R pictures, then 2) imagining your foot/hand in the same position as the picture, then the last step is 3) putting your foot/hand in the same position. My understanding is that the "treatment" doesn't work, and could even make things worse, if you don't do it in the proper sequence. The program is discussed at

My understanding is that it's a slow re-programming of the brain thru doing the sequence as listed. It shouldn't be a focus on your "score," but doing the exercises enough that your scores improves as your brain "heals."

My understanding is also that you should stick with 1st stage until your brain "re-trains," (which will be demonstrated by your score improving.)

jeisea said...

Thank you so much for posting. I refer to your site often as a great resource of information.

I'm not worried so much about the score as such but taken back that it confirms I really do have a left right problem. My ego is also a bit bruised.

I think I get the idea now and very much appreciate your help.

Hope you don't mind but I'm going to post this comment on the main page with reference to your site as it's such good information.

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