Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Scientists at Manchester in the UK can use computer technology to alieviate pain.

Earlier today I posted about mirror treatment. I explained that the idea of treating sufferers of complex regional pain syndrome with mirrors came out of successful treatment of phantom limb pain. Like phantom limb pain CRPS is driven by incorrect brain messages from an unconscious brain. (We cannot control the unconscious brain only the conscious one.)
Now scientists at Manchester University in the UK have discovered that phantom limb pain can also be alleviated using a virtual reality computer system. In a similar way to mirror therapy the brain is tricked into believing that everything is OK.

If this works for phantomv limb pain then it makes sense to think that the pain and symptoms of CRPS can possibly be relieved using the same method.

The real benefit to CRPS sufferers is that virtual reality brain retraining might work for central (down the back), and whole body pain. Because mirror therapy works by looking at the mirror image of the "good" side, it hasn't been useful for pain that is not one sided.

This is exciting research and offers real hope.

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