Monday, March 12, 2007

Study about Vitamin C as a possible treatment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

I'm reposting this article and am at present trying to discover if the study has been completed and if the results have been published. "Watch this space!" as the saying goes.

Dr Andrew McBride of Bristol Royal Infirmary is currently doing a study to support previous research into reducing the incidence of development of CRPS post wrist injury by taking vitamin C. The study is has it's basis in the theory that CRPS is possibly partly caused by an inflamatory reaction.

At present it's now known that free radical disarming Vitamin C can prevent development of CRPS after a colles fracture. It is an antioxidant which specifically affects inflamation. As inflamation is a problem for sufferers of CRPS to me it make sense that Vitamin C could be useful to disarm free radicals and address inflamation in sufferers of CRPS.

Professor Reuben who was involved in developing protocols for preventing CRPS after surgery, says that his team now incorporates Vitamin C in the protocols.

I"ve already increased vitamin C in my diet. I increase this through diet when I have flare ups. This, I believe, together with mirror therapy, and other things on my list has helped me recover more quickly from major flare ups. Each time now I'm getting better in weeks instead of months or sometimes years depending on the place of flare up.

To read about it go to "crps/rsd related articles" to the left of this blog and click on the link.

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