Monday, April 09, 2007

Eating smart - putting plans into action.

Recently I spent time with a dedicated dietition. I told her about my plan to increase antioxidants, in particular vitamin C, in my diet. We both discovered that it isn't easy to find the information I want but I've come home with a list of foods in serving size stating the amount of vitamin C, and also giving mg of vitamin C per 100mg of food.

This list contained. many processed food or cooked food. I would have liked more, and more varied fresh food. However it's a beginning.

Later the dietitian emailed me about recent research listing over 1000 common foods and their antioxidant values. This is what I'm after.

Now I need to know how to get a copy of the results of this study so that I can look at what I do now and how I can adapt what I already do so that I can have a more nutrient rich diet. That's what I'm working on now.

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