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Food provides the best and safest way to consume nutrients in

The Journal of the American Medical Association has reported findings of Dutch research into the effect of antioxidant supplements on mortality from 68 randomized trials with 232 606 participants. It was found that beta carotene, vitamin A and vitamin E, increased mortality.

Please notice that at present vitamin C is considered safe as it's water soluable. Even so, the best and safest way to get nutrients such as antioxidants, I believe, is through food.
My reasoning is that food comes in unique packages which provide the right combination of nutrients for the optimum use by the body.

I am personally convinced that increasing antioxidants in diet could help us with crps. My reasoning is that crps is stressful (not to mention all the other stressors in our lives). Stress, whether from pain, environmental or emotional causes, makes us oxidize. Oxidation is normal but too much produces excessive amounts of free radicals. Some free radicals cause inflamation (one problem with crps). Antioxidants demolish free radicals.

Antioxidants are thought to be most effective when consumed together.
The best way to go is to get a range of free radicals and the very best way to get them is through food. Just how to improve diet to increase antioxidant intake is what I'm working on at present.

Very briefly

  • Smart eaters consume all the carotinoids. Carotenoids create the colour in plants.Reds & yellows signifiy immune boosting carotinoids.
  • We are advised that a recommended healthy diet contains 5 veg & 2 fruit of mixed colours, 40%of diet fruit & veg, 500gm of fruit & veg daily.This of course depends on whether you have fresh or dried etc.
  • Each day eat one of each colour group, red, orange, yellow, blue/purple and white.
  • Mix colours in every meal but always try to include green and orange. The deeper the colour the higher nutrient value.
Canned or frozen fruit and veg are, I think, just as nutritious as fresh. (check additives eg sugar & salt)

I personally increase the vitimin C foods when I have acute flare ups.

So far research has been done proving vitamin C can prevent crps from developing from surgery etc. See previous posts. I do not know of any research showing vitamin C as a treatment for crps but I have seen it suggested in light of its preventative qualities. To me it makes sense that extra vitamin C together with other antioxidants would be helpful if only in controlling inflamation. This is my personal opinion, not a recommendation. I do not offer this as advice.

I've nearly finished putting together my thoughts and plan about "eating smart" and will post more soon.

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