Friday, April 20, 2007

Mirror therapy really works!

I do not use a mirror box because I didn't know about mirror boxes. I use a stand alone mirror (see photos August archives). I also use sliding wardrobe mirrors or a wall mirror I place on the floor. So long as I am able to place the mirror at right angles to my body and centered such that I can look in the mirror and see the image of one side of my body it works for me. I only move the pain free body part, eg leg, for s very short time. I keep the time short to prevent pain. I want the brain to register that I can move without pain.

David Butler, who wrote the book "Explain Pain" with Dr Lorimer Moseley, told me that there was every reason to trial mirror theraapy with a larger mirror as I am doing. David also said he thought that good therapists should also be using brain laterality techniques before and with mirroring.

If you have a physiotherapist who isn't familiar with mirror work they can access information and ask questions on a forum for therapists at the noigroup web site.

The mirror trick works. You may not feel any difference immediately but the more you do it the calmer things become. As far as the back goes, I use it for one sided flare ups and it has the added benefit of calming things over all. This is definitely the case. I have now had several short periods of greatly reduce pain including burning pain. There are now breaks between flare ups. This has not been the case for me for several years. I attribute this mostly to mirror therapy.

It costs me nothing. I do it anywhere there's a suitable mirror and it works for me.

Seek professional advice before trying something new.


htwcp said...

Could you explain how you use a mirror for your back.

jeisea said...

I'd be glad to. I'll post later today with some photos. Remember I said that specifically I do not look at my back in a mirror. So far this technique appears to rely on single sided mirror image work. What appears to be happening for me is that by looking at a leg the foggy image in the brain (as described in the "Explain Pain" by Moseley and Butler), becomes clarified. This has an overall beneficial effect. By working on one area, others are also settling. In my case I usually have a whole side and central back flare ups at the same time. I don't know if I'm explain this very well. I'll think about my reply to this question and give a better answer with photos later today.
Thanks for asking. I asked the same thing of David Butler.

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