Saturday, April 14, 2007

Quinoa grain.
It cost
$7.95 for 500grams but I'll get at least four meals for two people from this.


htcwp said...

I tried quinoa a few years ago, but found it bitter. Do you find that?

jeisea said...

No I haven't found it to be bitter. For the lunch recipe I cooked it with vegetable stock and for breakfast I cooked it with milk. The only other time I've tried it so far, I cooked the quinoa with stock and cooked vegies in a little sesame oil.
On it's own with just water it might be bitter.

My daughter's vegetarian friend puts all ingredients in a rice cooker (very cheap at Asian food stores) and cooks according to rice cooker instructions and ends up with quick and very easy risotta (or quinoa). You could add chopped chicken to the pot.
For when we're travelling I boil chicken with herbs, onion etc, remove the flesh and bag in clip lock bags. A bag of cooked chicken or or other cooked meat would work well too I think. I'm posting my breakfast recipe now.

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