Saturday, May 19, 2007

Keeping up physical therapy is very important.

Recently I've been away from home in a place without an available mirror. I didn't think it would matter for a week or so. Things went well for a day or two. Then I had a flare up on the right lower side and back. I was still dealing with this when the left shoulder flared up again as well.

I used chili cream, heat pack, exercises and stretches, controlled breathing etc. They helped a little but I was very pleased when we got home to use mirror therapy again. Thankfully the response time for improvement is getting shorter. So far my right side has improved. I'm still working on it and my left shoulder.

There are two things that happened here. While we were away I did not do strengthening exercises and was generally slack with physical therapy. I justified this because we did other physical things. This was not wise. Secondly I now realize the importance of continuing mirror therapy. It reinforces the "ok" message which is so important with complex regional pain syndrome.
Perhaps the Noi Group who makes mirror boxes will make a folding large mirror. A pop out one would be great.

I could also have done with a copy of my list of what works as, when things are worse, it's really hard to think what helps to relieve pain and symptoms.

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