Thursday, May 31, 2007

Something to think about.

If a lack of mirror neurons can be responsible for a lack of empathy as in the case of autism, then it is possible that varying numbers of neurons is responsible for our degree of empathy. Now some think that having a large number of these empathy sensing mirror neuron might explain the intuitive nature of some people and the ability of some to have "insites".

Questions I'd like answers for are how does this relate to sufferers of crps? Do we possess a large amount of some of these neurons and could this explain how pain spreads? I know this sounds a bit far fetched but think about it. It is not only seeing something that activates mirror neurons. Hearing and smelling can too. It is known that mirror visual feedback activates these mirror neurons and can change a pain message in the brain. Can a pain message be triggered by pain message activating these mirror neurons? Researchers know about the virtual body in the brain. They now know that it isn't a fixed picture but has plasticity. That means it can change.

The next thing I want to know is how does this tie in with oxygen? There's a lot known about tissue hypoxia and crps and antioxidants bringing about homeostasis etc. Is there a connection?

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