Friday, June 01, 2007

"The Changing Science of Pain" Newsweek article.

Newsweek article "The Changing Science of Pain" by journalists from the American Pain Foundation is well worth reading. An email from the foundation today requests that people read the article and comment to Newsweek. It is up to us, the sufferers, to help inform. By increasing public awareness about pain and in particular Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, there is a greater chance of attracting funding for research. The more that is known about this syndrome the less likely misdiagnoses or late diagnoses. It is well known that prompt diagnoses and treatment makes for much better outcomes. Much more money is needed for research. It isn't right or fair but the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Let's get the message out there.
Please google ".newsweek the new war on pain".

1 comment:

Meme said...

Great post, Jeisea!

I also agree that public awareness is THE key to unlocking the treatment of RSD. I went more than ten years without diagnosis, so this angered me, in a way, and now I have made it my mission to create more awareness of this terrible and painful way we live.

I will certainly make a comment to Newsweek today, thanks for calling it to my attention

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