Monday, June 04, 2007

Visiting a dentist can be a problem for CRPS sufferers.

My dentist follows a procedure to prevent flare ups of CRPS. He uses cream to deaden the area before injecting. Then uses a non adrenaline local. He also injects local again at the end of the treatment which is kept short. On my last visit he didn't do this as it was just a check up. Unfortunately I had a facial flare up as a result of handling and cleaning. In future , even for check ups we'll be following the procedure we know works to prevent a problem.


Meme said...

Agree, totally, Jeisea... more dentists need to understand that their actions can prove very painful for those of us with RSD. I just had a bad experience about a month ago with a dentist, cried the whole time I was there and for days afterwards from the pain it caused.

RSD Hope is a great resource that I visit on almost a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

I am going for a consult tomorrow,
Tues 6/23/09 for a molar extraction.

I'm looking for information I know I've read or heard before about preparations dentists can take to
help prevent triggering RSD.

Meme ~ If this is you from Maine, I've wanted so much to see how you
are doing. I belong to an email support group, but I do miss the site you ran. Hello to Tumble. I
hope you see this and email me at Linda

b.boyd said...

Bev¿ I had a bad experience at the dentist also,doc tapped on my tooth and I liked to jumped to the ceiling.I was not able to eat on that tooth for about a week,i suffer from rsd pain also.I'm in the process of looking for a dentist that works with patients with rsd.Can anyone prefer me to the proper dentist please.

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