Saturday, June 09, 2007

Does Ayuvedic medicine offer hope for chronic pain sufferers?

My new Intergrative medicine GP suggested I read Deepak Chopra's book . I've begun to read but have some way to go to understand. However the idea that we hold within ourselves the secret of well being strikes a chord with me. I went to Deepak Chopra's website and signed up for their newsletter. Today I received the first one and found much to like. In particular this

Namaste newsletter is our connection to the global community of like minded individuals. Please share the articles and features in this newsletter freely with your friends, love ones, and colleagues. One person at at a time we will build the global network of peace, healing, and transformation.

Today's newsletter focused on change. In an article David Simon M.D. says, The most important concept in Ayurveda is the principle of Agni. The root of the English words “ignition” and “ignite,” Agni represents the elemental force of transformation. Everything in the universe is engaged in a perpetual process of changing from one thing into another. Ayurveda encourages us to tend our inner sacred fire by taking time to quiet our inner dialogue in meditation, eating vital foods, entraining our biological rhythms with the rhythms of nature through regular sleep wake cycles, and engaging in activity that kindles our passion for life. Enlivening the inner fire of transformation allows each person to be a source of light and love in a world that urgently needs both.

Fire is a symbol which signifies the burning pain of complex regional pain syndrome. Meditation has been shown to tame that fire. Controlled breathing and focus on breath is known to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and bring about calm.

In the newsletter it talks about "perpetual process of change." Dr Lorimer Moseley & David Butler in the book "Explain Pain" tell us that the life of a sensor is short which means that our "sensitivity is continually changing" moment by moment our bodies change. It is this aspect of
change that gives hope to chronic pain sufferers.

Finally, I particularly like the idea of "engaging in activity that kindles our passion for life."

I'm placing a link to this site and another to this week's newsletter. If you are interested go to the left of this blog under"articles of interest" and click on the links.

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