Friday, June 15, 2007

Eat smart a matter of choices.

Originally my plan plan was to increase Vitamin C in my diet. I've changed that plan a bit and here's why.

This much is known
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can be prevented by taking Vitamin C after a colles wrist fracture.
  • Professor Scott Reuben now uses Vitamin C as part of their protocols for preventing CRPS developing or worsening of symptoms after orthopeadic surgery etc.

I thought that
  • as Vitamin C is an antioxidant that demolishes the free radicals that cause inflamation
  • as CRPS has an inflamatory component
Vitamin C could be used as a treatment for CRPS.

As mentioned in a previous post, research into this is now being done.

I suspected that it is better to get nutrients such as Vitamin C from food. (my unique packages theory)
To support this I now have learned that Vitamin C is a stable antioxidant that gives an electron to a reactive substance such as a free radical.
Vitamin C then is an electron short and so itself becomes a free radical.
As electrons like to be in stable pairs Vitamin C then needs an electron to make it a stable antioxidant again. The antioxidant that gives Vitamin C it's electron then itself becomes a free radical and so it goes.

  1. Vitamin C antioxidant - gives electron to free radical (reactive substance)
  2. Vitamin C free radical - gets electron from antioxidant A which becomes free radical A.
  3. Free radical A - gets electron from antioxidant B which becomes free radical B.
  4. Free radical B - gets electron from antioxidant C which becomes free radical C.
And so it goes.

The process of giving and receiving electrons works well when there are a large number of different antioxidants working together. Too much of one thing puts the balance out.

That said I now am planning a diet rich in a variety of antioxidants. By doing this I am also making sure I'm getting much more Vitamin C than I have from my food till now.

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