Sunday, June 24, 2007 - promoting awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

"Cynthia Toussaint isa former ballerina who has suffered, after a ballet injury, with RSD for 24 years.She was the impetus behind the Los Angeles Times' first article detailing the disease in 1998 and, in 2001, she spear-headed the first-ever California Senate informational hearing on RSD." This inspiring web site "forgrace" was named in memory of her aunt, very much loved but whom she never knew. I encourage you to go to her website and click on "what's new". There you can click on her article in "Woman's Day" and visit the new Utube website. There are links for the main site and Utube sites under"crps/rsd related articles" to the left of this blog. I signed the petition to increase awareness of women in pain and I plan to add my story to others on this wonderful website.

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