Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How to Cope with Pain spreading awareness about ways of managing pain.

How to Cope with Pain website http://www.howtocopewithpain.org/
has posted an article titled "Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - can mirrors help?"
I recommend reading this articles and others relating to it.
  • Think and move and your pain will improve.
  • Graded motor imagery.
  • Recognize podcast.
  • Great questions about graded motor movements.
Recognize and graded motor movement programs are generally recommended prior to beginning mirror visual therapy.
Recognize is a DVD which allows you to see pictures of left/right hand/feet and choose whether they are left or right. I have great difficulty recognizing left/right in the time frame. Apparently this is common with the chronic pain of complex regional pain syndrome.

Please go to "crps/rsd related articles to the left of this blog for direct links to these articles. Click on the noigroup link for information about Recognize and to purchase if interested.

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