Friday, June 08, 2007

Keeping it realistic is important to avoid exacerbating pain and symptoms of complex reasonal pain syndrome.

The thing I can't quite get right is accepting my limitations. Again this week I've overdone things and am now "paying for it" with increased pain and nerve firing and an all over ache as if I have a fever. We went to the city to visit a caravan and camping show. It took us two hours in teaming rain to get there and another hour to find a park. Tensions were pretty high to begin with and an exhausting long day followed. We met friends and enjoyed our day and evening with our family. That was a happy experience fitting well with my "actively seeking happiness" idea. However it was not smart. To top it off I didn't have access to a mirror until we got home but after mirror therapy several times today and laser acupuncture this afternoon I'm starting to fell a bit more comfortable. It's really hard but I know it's best to accept my limitations and keep it realistic.

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