Thursday, June 14, 2007

Preventing the development of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

I am reposting what has led me to increase antioxidants in my diet. I am thinking about this now because I'm looking at Ayurvedic medicine which involves being aware of your own body needs and listening to your body in order to heal. Also this evening there is a TV documentary about antioxidants. I wanted to review what I've learned so far.

Not enough is known about predisposition to conditions such as complex regional pain syndrome. CRPS patients are left with chronic pain, vasodysregulation, and other symptoms. The predisposing factors are unknown. Genetic factors undoubtedly contribute, but have not yet been identified.

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital ( MGH ) have found the first evidence of a physical abnormality underlying CRPS. They reported four CRPS patients also diagnosed with the classical or hypermobility forms of Ehlers Danlos syndrome (EDS), inherited disorders of connective tissue. They hypothesized that "EDS might contribute to the development of CRPS.

I am on a quest to seek ways of ensuring that no one in my family develops complex regional pain syndrome. I am also hope to improve my lot by increasing antioxidants in my diet.

Inflammation is known to be involved in the development and plays a significant role in crps.
At present it's now known that free radical disarming Vitamin C can prevent development of CRPS after a colles fracture. It's an antioxidant which specifically affects inflamation.
Zollinger PE, Tuinebreijer WE, Kreis R, Breederveld RS. Effect of vitamin C on frequency of reflex sympathetic dystrophy in wrist fractures: A randomized trial. Lancet 1999;354:2025-8. found that taking Vitamin C after surgery produced a significant reduction in pain in CRPS after surgical correction of Colles' fracture.Dr Andrew McBride of Bristol Royal Infirmary is currently doing a study to support previous research into reducing the incidence of development of CRPS post wrist injury by taking vitamin C. The study is has it's basis in the theory that CRPS is possibly partly caused by an inflamatory reaction. This has been supported by further published research. Dutch research supports antioxidants being used to treat crps.

Antioxidants demolish free radicals that cause inflammation. A range of free radicals are needed to maintain a balance. Personally I think food provides unique combinations of nutrients some of which work synergistically. (this means together they are more beneficial than the sum of them taken separately.) For this reason I'm seeking to Eat Smart.

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