Saturday, June 16, 2007

Reposting of "eat smart" foods allows me to refresh & fine tune the plan.

I'm presently thinking about my eat smart plan & working out how it fits in with what I'm reading about Ayurvedic medicine. What interested me from the outset was what my Ayurvedic GP suggested for me to eat and avoid is quite similar to what I've seen put forward as diet guidelines for people with CRPS. What he has suggested for me goes well with my high antioxidant food plan.

Because our bodies are forever changing, in fact Moseley & Butler in "Explain Pain" tell us that "the life of a sensor is short" being replaced every few days, this aspect of continual changing offers hope for chronic pain sufferers. We already know from our own experience that pain varies daily and throughout the day. Ayurveda suggests that we can influence this change by using our most basic underlying force for change, intelligence. According to Ayurvedic principles our body knows what is good & bad for it instinctively and by noticing and obeying our physiology we are capable of addressing imbalances and achieving balance. The dietary aspects of Ayurveda are about achieving this balance. I have reflux from the stress of pain so acidic foods like citrus aggravate and other alkaline foods help address the imbalance. I'm keen to learn more.

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