Monday, July 09, 2007

Mirror therapy works again.

I am yet again amazed by the effectiveness of mirror therapy. In a recent post I mentioned about a major flare up in the left side of my face after a headache. I was in agony yesterday. It was overcast, cold and windy which I'm sure added to the pain.I was almost convinced I must have a gum abscess but my rational mind kept telling me this was not the case.

After much thought I remembered a two mirror make up mirror which is hinged and clips shut. I experimented and worked out that I could put one of the mirrors at right angles to my face and with the case opened at right angles I was able to look straight across and see my lips to the right and the mirror image of the right lips to the left. I did this a few times yesterday and had a better night last night. The pain hasn't gone yet but is much less than it was and is now confined to the mouth instead of the whole side if the head and neck. Another tick for mirror therapy. Now I remember also to make sure to look at the mirror image of the most painful part.

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