Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mirror therapy works better if you get it right.

With my husband's help I've changed what I'm doing with mirror therapy for the lower right quadrant. As my hubby rightly suggested I was making something simple hard. If I have a mirror in front of me, turn around so that half my back is visible when I look in the mirror I am seeing the mirror image of my left side. To make this easier for me I have the back of the second mirror against my mid back which hides the right side of my back. I also turn the mirror opposite me so that I don't need twist so much to see behind. In the last post I explained that I used two mirrors and the image I ended up with was of two sides of a back (or a whole back), one the mirror image of my left back and the other the mirror image of the mirror image of the left back which resulted in what appears to be a whole back. I was mainly focusing on the mirror image of the mirror image which meant I was really focusing on the opposite side to the one I wanted. OK so today I'm using the much simpler method which I've now done three times. I'm not pain free and still am aware of contact issues with the right leg but the burning in the back and back of the leg are less and I am not nauseous. Also my foot which was chronically spasming has settled. The pattern usually is that pain and symptoms gradually retreat from the extremities back to the original site of pain or injury. This generally takes a few days and sometimes a few weeks. Because I've stared mirror therapy straight away I hope things settle soon.

This could be done with a video camera. I have yet to try that but intend to soon.


Anonymous said...

Your mirror work has demonstrated creative brilliance and determination. Thank you for allowing us to learn from the fruits of your labor.

Your hubby sounds very deserving of a hubby of the year award.

jeisea said...

Thanks for your support. Hubby's wonderful. I'm so lucky. I'll post a progress report. Each time I do this I'm amazed at the results but it doesn't work as well if you don't get it right.


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