Friday, July 27, 2007

Mirrors visual therapy is working again.

Just a quick update. The pain and symptoms are much less. Now The upper back of the right thigh is still hypersensitive but not painful and the area of pain and some burning is isolated to the lower right back. I have no nausea and feel no anxiousness. I don't have complete relief yet but I'm still working on it. I know as I've said before I need to do exercise to strengthen my muscles which support the lower back. Relieving pain is only part of getting better. I want to be strong enough to avoid this flare up again. I'm still daily doing exercise to strenghten my left shoulder which remains weak and a regular site of flare up.

The really interesting thing to me is that this flare up and the last one brought back old pain. I don't for one moment believe the pain of morton's neuroma, plantar fasciitis, achillies tendonitis, bursitis, pain at the site of old adhesive surgery and even pain from where some one in the past trod on my foot with a high heel were a result of these conditions recurring. It has to have been old memory. I'd completely forgotten that years ago someone trod on my foot with a high heel until this pain returned.

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