Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh happy days!

Just an update. My shoulder and left side are still fine. The mirror therapy (once I realized what I was doing wrong) worked like a little miracle. Each time it works I am amazed and I never really believe it will. Looking at the mirror image of your pain free limb somehow relieves the pain and symptoms of CRPS/RSD.


Meme said...

Wow, this mirror therapy is a good thing then? Glad to hear it, Jeisea! I will have to do more research on this. My RSD seems to spread the more time that passes!

Also, do I have your permission to add your blog to our forum? I have started a new section called "member blogs"
Please let me know, thanks!
Hoping you're having a low pain day!

jeisea said...

Hi meme
Yep! it worked again. I was getting a bit frustrated until I realized I wasn't actually looking at the shoulder which was the last part to stop hurting. I was looking at the arm. Once I got it right things settled quickly.

Please feel free to place a link. Are you a member of my google group. If so I'm creatng a page for members links and I'd like to put yours there.
And yes I'm having a great day!

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