Saturday, July 14, 2007

Prevention article "Natural-Born Pain Killers".

I posted last month about's recent article recent article on "Natural-Born Pain Killers". I commend this article by Richard Laliberts to you.

It examines several investigations into novel ways of dealing with pain. Stanford Systems Neuroscience Pain Lab showed that by visualization techniques and positive affirmations pain perception could be reduced by up to an amazing two thirds.
On the opposite end of this is the discovering that you can actually increase pain perception by focusing on negative aspects and fearing your pain.

This does not in any way indicate that the pain you have is psychological. MRI imaging has identified changes in the brain from changing inputs by such means as meditation and guided imagery and affirmations. Equally MRI imaging has recorded changes in the brain from negative inputs.

These findings make perfect sense to me. I know when I talk about how I'm feeling, I feel worse. When I'm having fun I feel better. Now I know I can actually change the inputs which bring about a change in the brain, I'll be more aware of how I think and feel. I'll also be dedicating more time to "actively seeking happiness".

Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, director of the Stanford Systems Neuroscience and Pain Lab. "It was really exciting to show for the first time that people could direct activity away from a specific region of the brain--in this case, the area that processes pain--and alter their perception of pain at will," he says. "It gave subjects a profound sense of empowerment and opened a window on pain in the brain that has huge implications."

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