Monday, July 16, 2007

Restorative sleep at last.

Last might was the fourth night's sleep I've had in a a row. Since I resolved my recent flare up I've just had my fifth comfortable day. Up till a short while ago I've felt great. I'm very grateful for these breaks between flare ups. This has only been happening since last December. When I think about the difference between how I was last year at this time and now I realize just how far I've come. I owe this mostly to mirror visual therapy. I have whole body CRPS. People ask me how is it possible to treat the whole body or your back. What I've found to most definitely be the case is that by treating isolated single sided flare ups, gradually over time the whole body benefits, the sympathetic nervous system becomes less reactive and the overall level of suffering is reduced.

I strongly encourage anyone reading this who has chronic pain to seek information about the new science of pain management. Ask your treating therapists what this means for you and encourage them to learn more in order to help you.

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