Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Something else to ponder.

Just as I think the level of stress we were under at the time of the event that caused the development of CRPS is a factor, I also suspect that our life experience with pain may also predispose us to developing this chronic pain syndrome. I wonder if anyone has asked CRPS sufferers what past pain experience they have had. Personally I'd experienced migraines for over 30 years before the accident and I had a migraine at the time of the fall. I think my brain was trained to repeat a pain message and the threshold for this message of pain was probably lower. Add to this the stressful circumstance of the accident(fall into a dark, steep stairwell) and the other stresses at the time (moved towns, new job) and this was enough to trigger the new message of unrelenting pain.
Just my thoughts on the matter.

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