Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The difficult part is being available for opportunities.

Usiku, a member of crps/rsdtaking control google group (no longer in operation) posted about "Opportunities".

"We can miss lots of opportunities if we miss those most readily available to us."

With life changing circumstances such as chronic pain come questioning and doubt.

Should I do this? Will I cope going out? Am I strong enough, well enough, happy enough?

"Opportunities to improve our relationship with ourselves are at every hand."

At this time of our live we can pause for reflection.

"Other opportunities and other relationships that will nourish us are our relationships with our God, nature, our family, friends, strangers, neighbors near and far, our endeavors, our vocations and our relationship with silence, stillness, meditation and prayer."

At this time we need nourishing. Accepting out pain, opening our hearts to being nourished and nurtured by others may help to heal us.

"Hopefully we will reach an understanding of our interconnectedness" and let "these golden opportunities be the short way around to being available to answer the knock of opportunity. Without this perspective and preparation, when opportunity knocks, we might not recognize the sound or it will be as though we've fallen and can't get up to open the door."

As Usiku says, "Let's practice making ourselves more available in some way to reap the promises and blessings as offspring of a limitless Universal Nature."

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