Thursday, August 16, 2007

" Why feedback therapies work" - an interview with physical therapist , Matthias Weinbeiger on How to Cope with Pain website.

Matthias Weinberger, physical therapist and photographer extraordinarie explains why feedback therapies work. In an interview on How to Cope with Pain website, Matthias explains that feedback therapies "refresh the cortical representation, and the brain is able to make sense of the situation again. The pain stops."

He said in the interview that "If you “show” your brain center that your arm or leg is moving as intended, the pain is gone. In the long run, the maladaptive processes in the somatosensory cortex vanish, and the pain stays gone forever."

Matthais bases his understanding on Harris’ thesis. To read this fascinating interview with links to his blog go to the link under "crps/rsd related articles" to the left of this blog.
While there check out the archive section and read some of the other great posts.
How to Cope with Pain website provide a wealth of support to chronic pain sufferers and is leading the way in spreading the word about the "new science of pain".

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