Friday, September 14, 2007

Recognize - How to Cope with Pain reports on this limb laterality recognition program.

How to Cope with Pain website posted in June about Noi Group's limb laterality recognition program, "Recognize". The article gives links to research supporting the program's use. It's thought that a three step process of limb laterality recognition, followed by guided visualization and then mirror visual therapy gives optimum results.

I did not follow this process and began mirror therapy without the first two steps. However I've always performed physical therapy on both sides.

I have used the Recognize program since in the hope that it would help me with left/right recognition. I score poorly with the program tests in the most basic level. However I score much better with the more difficult levels where the hand or foot is in some kind of context. No amount of practising improves things for me. The Noi Group now has flash cards which I think would help me more as there is no time limit on these.

There is a link to the article in HTCWP to the left of this blog under "crps/rsd related articles". I also recommend you check out the Noi Group link and read more.

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