Sunday, October 21, 2007

If pain returns when you stop mirror therapy there could be an underlying pathology.

Over the past few months I've had pain in the left side of my face. The whole left side of my head was hypersensitive and I felt like tearing my flesh away from my gums. In the beginning the symptoms involved the whole quadrant. I worked out how to using a double sided mirror.
This worked really well and I was able to stop pain and symptoms but when I stopped using the mirror the pain and symptoms returned. I'd use the mirror again straight away and I felt I was managing the situation but was getting frustrated because the pain kept returning. My GP had suggested I see a dentist but as I was getting rid of the pain and the symptoms I was sure it must be CRPS/RSD.

I was managing things so well with the mirror trick that I was even sleeping. In fact I slept through every night for 31/2 weeks. Even so I felt tired and a little unwell. I also noticed a tooth in the troublesome area was loose.

Finally two weeks ago I went to the dentist who was horrified . He said the nerve of a tooth had died and I had an abscess and the infection had spread. The tooth was beyond help and he insisted on rescheduling his appointments and extracted it. He used the procedure I've posted about previously. He numbed the gum with cream, injected a non adrenaline anesthetic, and at the end injected again. This procedure from

works well for me to prevent further problems with complex regional pain syndrome.

I already know that if mirror therapy doesn't work then I need to look again at the way I am doing it. It is important to get it right. I also now know that it's important to be aware that when pain returns when you stop mirror therapy there could be an underlying pathology.

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HtCwP said...

This is a really important point, and not one that's found in the "how-to" or research literature about using mirror therapy. Thanks for the helpful observation!

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