Saturday, October 06, 2007

Launch of Usiku's new book - "Eloquence"

Writing with passion Usiku's new book's title aptly describes his work. I encourage you to vist his website and consider adding his inspiring, thought provoking book to your collection. I hope Usiku's writing inspires you also to write. Creative pursuits, because they require great concentration, are a wonderful distraction form pain.

Eloquence is a refreshing poetic alternative containing literary poetry, prose and short stories in layman’s terms.

The fifty collected works vividly capture appreciation and love for self, family, courage, nature, spirit and creative processes.

Eloquence has a November 2007 publication date; however advance copies will be available September 26th.

Only the first 500 books will be numbered.


Art inspiring Life

Art inspiring Art

ISBN 13: 978-0-9794450-0-2

$19.95 Hardcover

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