Sunday, November 11, 2007

Don't worry. Be happy.

Don't worry! Easier said than done but it's well known that stress makes all pain worse. I've found that I have to make myself let go of things that I would normally worry or be annoyed about. Not the major stuff, just the little day to day things that can get me down or make me cranky. Making a conscious decision not to dwell on things takes an effort especially when I feel justified in being upset or anxious. But feeling this way just makes me stressed and stress ramps up pain so in the end I suffer and the suffering isn't worth it.

Be happy! I make a conscious effort to seek happiness. I watch funny TV, pat my dog, love my husband, laugh with my children on the phone, ride my bike, walk along the beach wading in the water, laugh with a neighbour, share a cuppa. I also choose to look for positives in situations but I think I should avoid the news which tends to focus on gloom and doom. Endorphins are raised when we're happy. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a depressing condition and it takes a real effort to focus on the positives in life. I have to avoid beeing sucked down with pain and keep a conscious determination to rise above it. Life is for living. We get one go at it and I don't intend to waste it. The motto of one of the school where I 've taught was "LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL!" I plan to do just that.

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