Saturday, November 10, 2007

New alternative treatment for pain.

Medical News Today has an article about a newly developed multreatment developed fro pain and injury. "Multi Radiance Medical is a leading developer of the world's most advanced medical therapeutic devices. Utilizing super pulsed laser, visible red and infrared lights and magnetic field, Multi Radiance Medical's FDA 510(k)-cleared devices offer non-invasive, pain-free, drug-free therapies that ease pain and help improve health."

Scroll down the left of this blog and click on "Medical News Today's article.

As you are well aware I am unable to take medications. I have no option but to look at alternatives. However I now regard myself as fortunate to be off the medication roundabout with it's significant side effects, and to have found non-invasive, do-able things to reduce pain and symptoms. It is very much the case that each thing I do for myself empowers me.

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