Thursday, November 08, 2007

New support group for CRPS/RSD hope-4crpsrsd

Hope 4 crpsrsd is a new support group for sufferers of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It has been founded on the belief that even though a person has crps/rsd there is hope and a better life is possible beyond this syndrome. This group is for those seeking a Christian support group to help them learn how to cope and deal with crps/rsd in positive ways, including laughter.

Here's the link
or go to the left of this blog under "crps/rsd related articles" and click on the link there.

Please note: I no longer have a support group. My support group CRPS/RSD taking control regretably has been closed.


adiemus said...

Hi there!
I was interested to read of your group for people with CRPS. You may be interested in my health blog healthskills
which is a resource blog for health professionals working with people experiencing chronic pain. I have a couple of posts on mirror therapy for CRPS and other neuropathic pain that you may find interesting.

jeisea said...

Hi Bronnie

Your link doesn't work. I've tried to google your web site with no success. If you visit again I would be most interested in your site and would be keen to post about it here. Particularly as you are interested in Mirror therapy.
The support group is not mine. I did have one but closed it recently due to copyright concerns.
Hope to hear from you.
jeisea!/group.php?gid=147478188596347 said...

I invite you all to join facebook PUERTO RICO CHALLENGE RSD/CRPS

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