Sunday, November 25, 2007

New support group - hope-4crpsrsd

There is a new support group hope-4crpsrsd. It is an inspirational Christian based group founded on the belief that even though you have crps/rsd there is hope and a better life is possible beyond this syndrome. As a Christian group, hope-4crpsrsd believes in the power of prayer. For the link click on the title of this post. It will also be under "articles of interest" to the left of this blog.

Please note this group is an American based group owned by Belle and Kate, committed Christians. Please note I no longer have a support group. RSD/CRPS taking control is closed. Personally an exclusive religious group is not really my thing but I join many groups to offer them support. I post in many groups from time to time.

Although I found having my own group with Rain was very rewarding, it was time demanding. I have moved on to other things and have no desire to ever own another group.

Other groups I have joined are

Support groups have a great part to play in helping and informing sufferers. In the spirit of thanks this week I wish to thank all support group owners and managers for the wonderful job they do.

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