Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pain - the invisable disease.

Pain is an invisible disease according to Mary Part Aardup, executive director of the US National Pain Foundation. "You don't have a crutch. You don't have a bandage. Employers don't believe you. Family members and friends don't believe you or are tired of hearing about it. And physicians often just think you're making it up. That's no way to live."

Until recently pain came a poor second in the attention and funding research received as it was considered a by product of conditions. Now it is a field of study of its own and as such can attract its own funding. Pharmaceutical companies fund research but mainly for drugs which can generate remuneration. Money needs be given for more research into non-drug, non invasive treatments such as mirror therapy. More attention needs to be paid to tackling pain from the message center instead of bandaiding the symptoms.

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