Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yamamoto neuro-acupuncture holds promise for pain sufferers.

Recently my Intergrative Medical Practitioner gave me Yamamoto neuro-acupuncture for chronic head pain. On the side of my head that was pain free I felt no discomfort. However I felt significant pain on the painful side when the doctor inserted the very fine needles.

I was nervous as I've heard needle acupuncture is not suitable for CRPS/RSD sufferers. I continued to feel the needle insertion pain for several minutes. However in a short while the pain went and the muscles in my face visibly relaxed. The pain in my head did go but came back several hours later.

The thing that I have noticed most is a feeling of calm. I feel that it would be an effort to stress if that makes sense. Now whether that is due to the acupuncture or to the doctor telling me to think of the sound
so as I breathed in and hum as I took long breaths out.

I'll post more about Dr Yamamoto's acupuncture in future posts. The next post is a video about the vibrational sounds
so hum.

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