Sunday, December 02, 2007

The first website I will discuss is "How to Cope with Pain" (click here for the link)

How to Cope with Pain is a chronic pain site which supports and informs sufferers, families, carers and professionals. Run by a practicing pain management specialist who has felt herself the burden of chronic pain, HTCwP is informative and practical in its approach.

It is the first US website I have found to embrace the new science of pain management balancing what is already known with what is cutting edge science.

  • HTCwP posts about strategies for coping with pain and also the anguish which goes with chronic pain. One of my favourite posts about this is about the benefits of journal writing. This blog is my journal about what works for me to cope with pain & symptoms. Dr. Robert Emmons, of the University of California who has written a book about Gratitude and Happiness, suggests daily journal writing about what we are grateful for on that day. This keeps us focused on the positive. Here's HTCwP's post.
  • Mindfulness is in effect an awareness of what is. It's a technique of fostering acceptance by being aware of only the here and now without judgment. If you are mindfully eating chocolate you are aware of the smoothness, the rich taste, the way it slips around your mouth and sticks to the sides of your mouth, as against eating chocolate whilst writing your shopping list or watching TV or chatting. HTCwP's post about mindfulness has a wonderful explanation about how Mindfulness relates to pain. This is definitely recommended reading.
  • Finally I'd like to draw your attention to the series of interviews on HTCwP. As you know my interview is included however I would like you to read Dr Lorimer Moseley's interview about the new science of pain. Dr Moseley co wrote "the exceptional book "Explain Pain" with David Butler. Another exceptionally talented physiotherapist is Matthias Weinberger, a German physical therapist who has a great understanding of newer treatments for pain. Both of these therapists work have embraced the new pain science, Dr Moseley as a researcher and Matthias as a practitioner. This new understanding of the role the brain plays in pain and how we can retrain the brain to break the pain cycle is very exciting and offers great hope for sufferers of chronic pain. I recommend you read the interviews by scrolling down this link.
I believe knowledge is power and I thank How to Cope with Pain for sharing the knowledge which empowers us to help ourselves.


How to Cope with Pain said...

Thanks so much for the mention. I'm glad to hear my site has been helpful!

jeisea said...

Your site has helped many. Thank you HTCwP.


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