Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How to Cope with Pain Post "Could the Wii make chronic pain sexy?" (click here for the link.)

Tony Tobin, World Healthiest News posted about the game Wii being used for rehabilitation for CRPS/RSD. HTCwP has an interesting follow up and further information about this. It was suggested that if research is published about the pain relieving benefits that insurance companies might fund it, and perhaps therapists may at some point include these in the "to borrow" resources.

More than just distracting the brain, Wii game, because it involves movement makes you move normally to play the game and in so doing retrains the brain that these normal movements are "ok".

Kids particularly undergo very intensive physical therapy. for CRPS. In some instances parents are kept away as it is hard for them to see their kids so upset and in pain. However, despite the pain to do the therapy results are amazing.

This video I posted in November shows this painful, very effective therapy.

The problem with adults is that you can’t force them to do aggressive, very painful therapy. That’s where mirror therapy comes in. It provides pain relief by retraining the brain not to send pain messages and together with aggressive physical therapy the message that normal movement is ok is reinforced.

Games immersing us in the experience and encouraging normal movement are a perfect way to help. It would be great to see the Wii in all pain clinics just as mirror boxes are in pain clinics across the UK thanks to Napp Pharmaceuticals.


Dave said...

Wow the video story is really great. You are a brave kid. I have been dealing with a neuropathic pain thing for about 8 years now- similar to CRPS/RSD. I pretty much gave up on my exercises but am starting again.

Thanks for the hope!

You can see my paintings at if you want.

jeisea said...

Hi Dave
The video is from Utube but the girl is amazing I agree.
I encourage you to click on the tag to the left of this blog "mirror tharapy". This girl would have had some pain relief while doing the intensive physical therapy if she had used mirror therapy.

I hop you're able to get back to physical therapy soon. It is the best way of retraining the brain with the "it's ok" message.

jeisea said...

Oh and Dave, I used to paint portraits so i will check out your blog now. Thanks. Art is a wonderful distraction.

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