Monday, February 11, 2008

HealthLink Radio features interviews with New Jersey Medical School faculty - fantastic website. Here Dr Eric Altschuler explains Mirror Therapy.

HealthLink Radio interviews with New Jersey Medical School faculty members on a wide variety of entertaining and essential health issues. In this broadcast Dr Altschuler really explains mirror therapy well. Although originally developed for phantom limb pain, it's now used for chronic pain in particular CRPS/RSD and stroke rehabilitation. I've also read that it's been used to treat tinnitus.
I recommend listening to this broadcast and also suggest you take a look at others on offer. The website has much to offer otherwise including an online magazine and health and wellness section.

To listen to this broadcast click on the link above and scroll down to the highlighted "Mirror therapy" broadcast as indicated below.

Mirror Therapy! Dr. Eric Altschuler, Explains how mirror therapy may help some stroke and orthopaedic patients when nothing else seems to work.

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