Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MBF Foundation of Australia recommends "pain be treated as a health priority with a Co-ordinated National Response."

In November 2007, MBF released a press statement.

First study of Australia’s high cost of pain reveals $34 billion price tag
MBF Foundation calls for national action plan to combat pain impact

"The study’s expert advisory panel led by pain management pioneer Professor Michael Cousins AM, Dr Fiona
Blyth at Sydney’s Pain Management Research Institute found that:
• 3.2 million people are living with pain and more women than men are affected
• Productivity loss is $11.7 billion annually, or 34 per cent of total pain-related costs
• The burden of disease accounts for a further third at $11.5 billion
• Health system costs account for $7 billion, around 20 per cent of total pain-related costs"

Money is available from private concerns such as drug companies to trial new medications. However I believe there is not money available for research to back up the work already done by our own Australian specialists, people such as
Dr Lorimer Moseley & David Butler.

The new science of pain management offers real hope for sufferers of pain. The brain retraining treatments such as guided imagery, limb laterality recognition and mirror visual feedback, hypnotherapy, acupuncture etc are non-drug and non-invasive. As such they do not attract funding from private concerns.

If the cost to Australia is so huge isn't it about time money was spent to validate the current findings and to educate the providers of pain management.

In the UK webwire reported
"NAPP Pharmaceuticals, pioneers of prolonged released drugs for the relief of severe pain have purchased 2,500 Mirror Therapy Boxes for complimentary distribution to pain clinics throughout the UK."

Now is the time for public and private concerns to put their hand in their pockets, show some compassion and support trials of these new treatments. Click on the tags below for more information.


Barbara K. said...

I appreciate your activism. These stats are startling and will only get bigger as boomers age.

jeisea said...

Yes Barbara, exactly.
I am taking action here. We have a 2020 planning summit and I am in a group to look at "longterm national health strategy - including the challenges of preventative health, workplace planning and the ageing population." This is the local area 2020 summit. The ideas will then be taken to the major summit. This year I have dedicated to increasing awareness and getting funding for research into proven, cost effective, non drug treatments for pain.

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