Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Paucity of research means treatments such as Hydrotherapy do not have the scientific studies to suport their use in the treatment of CRPS/RSD.

In my search for research to support the use of Aqua/hydrotherapy for CRPS/RSD I came upon BestBETs Best Evidence Topic, Hydrotherapy for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome of the foot and ankle. A study of 32 papers found no studies compared hydrotherapy to 'dry land' physiotherapy. It was therefore concluded that "there is no evidence of the efficacy of hydrotherapy for this condition."

I wish to point out this does
not mean it does not help. It just means there has been no research to support the treatment. Clearly research into hydrotherapy for the treatment if CRPS/RSD is very much needed. With studies supporting its efficacy therapists can recommend it and health funds support this.

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