Friday, October 10, 2008

CRPS/RSD is a pain in the head.

I haven't posted regularly since my return because I've fallen into the fatal trap of doing too much and paying for it. This time a headache triggered head crps symptoms. The headache resolved but the left side of my head and face, including teeth was affected and right down my left upper quadrant. It felt like I wanted to gouge out my eye and tear out my teeth. The nerves became on edge and I felt extremely agitated emotionally (Dr Wilki, who wrote The Home Psychiatrist, calls it "free floating anxiety"). The body's on alert. Great in emergencies but not long term. Luckily this happened on the day I had an appointment with my GP who's an Intergrative Medical Practitioner. He has nine modalities one of which is Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture. YNSA is used developed by a Neurologist for neurological problems such as one sided stroke, MS and Parkinson's disease.

My doctor inserted two needles. Usually this process varies from a little painful to hardly at all painful. Yesterday it was extremely painful as my head was so fired up. At first my symptoms increased in intensity. Then I noticed a relaxation at the extremities. My doctor asked if I wanted the needles removed but I knew from past experience with severe head symptoms that it can take a while to settle. After half an hour the pain was gone and the spasms in my shoulder had settle but had not disappeared.

Unfortunately after a few hours the neck, shoulder and arm problems returned but to a much lesser extent. I should have gone home and done mirror therapy. Reading this blog tonight has reminded me to do this .As soon as I've posted this I'll go to my free standing mirror. I'll put my body at right angles to the mirror so that my left (painful) side of my body is behind the mirror. I will then move my right arm up and down whilst focusing on the mirror image of my shoulder. I'll focus on my shoulder as I know this is where the pain memory has come from. I get recurring rotator cuff tendinitis pain in my shoulder. Nothing happened yesterday to cause tendinitis in the shoulder except the headache but that triggered the memory of the old pain.

This is the thing with crps. You can be doing well and something can trigger a problem. If you have had crps in other areas, the pain memory can cause a recurrence of the old pain. At least this is what appears to happen with me.

If I didn't have YNSA (acupuncture) I now know that moving normally, touching, rubbing, massaging, heat and mirror therapy would have helped . Mirror therapy alone in the past has caused the symptoms to retreat back from the extremities to the focus areas of injury. I've noticed twice now that Yamamoto Acupuncture does the same thing. With mirror therapy I need to do it, a little and a few times a day until all symptoms go. If I don't then gradually they return. I should have come home yesterday and done mirror therapy twice before bed and again on waking and a few times today. I feel nauseous with the symptoms and just lost the plot. That's the difficult thing isn't. When we feel worse it's hard to think what should be done. Making this blog has helped me so much.

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